bit-Byte Conversion ToolVer.2.2

Bit-to-byte conversion is possible.

A calculation tool for converting bit to byte notation (or vice versa).

Case : Kilo = 1024



Case : Kilo = 1000



* From Ver.2.2, it is possible to calculate the conversion from T (tera).
* From Ver.2.1, there is a bug in the calculation of conversion of K (kilo) multiplied by 1000.
* 10 digits or more cannot be calculated.
* From Ver.2, the result is automatically displayed without pressing the "Convert" button.
* If the result is not displayed automatically, please press the "Convert" button.

Unit conversion

It seems that 1GB may be calculated as 1024MB instead of 1000MB when reading the memory capacity etc.
This difference occurs because the system itself is calculated by bit calculation.
Even if you buy a hard disk with a capacity of 1TB, the recording capacity is less than 1TB, probably because of not only the data capacity of the drive firmware itself but also the bit calculation.

Unit of transfer speed

  • ~ MB / s (sec), ~ GB / s (sec)
  • A unit that indicates the transfer speed.
    This is the number of bytes that can be transferred in a second.

  • ~bps(bits per second)
  • A unit that indicates the transfer speed.
    The line speed is often written as "~ bps".
     example)internet speed test
    It is common to use the number of bits instead of bytes.
    It shows how many bits are transferred in 1 second (per second).
    It can also be replaced with MB / s or GB / s.
    Since 8bit = 1 byte, it can be replaced with a byte by dividing by 8.
    In other words, at 100Mbps, it will be about 12MB / s.

    It is often written as "b" for bit and "B" for byte.

8bit = 1byte = 1 single-byte alphanumeric character

What is the difference between bit and Byte?

8bit is 1Byte, which is the smallest unit of a computer.
1Byte is the amount of data for one single-byte alphanumeric character.
For example, the letter "A" is 1 byte and is represented by 8 bits.
"A" is 01000001, "B" is 010000010, and "C" is 01000011, which is a combination of 8 digits.

The minimum unit is 1 byte, but every 1000 times it is prefixed with K, M, G, T.
  • 1000Byte = 1KB
  • 1000KB = 1MB
  • 1000MB = 1GB
  • 1000GB = 1TB

The destination of tera is Peta, Exa, Zetta, and Yotta.

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